Bhutan is considered a heaven for tourists and has a lot of potential in tourism from all over the world who seek peace and tranquility in the tiny Himalayan country. The development of infrastructure in Bhutan has bring more tourists to the country, boosting its economy and increasing its GNI.

One of the key feature of Bhutan is the generation and export of hydroelectric power which is possible because of the fast flowing rivers coming from the mountain range of the Himalayas. Bhutan is estimated to export almost 10,000 MW of electricity to India by 2020. Five major hydropower projects like Tala, Chukkha, Dagachu, Basochhu and Kurichu, which started in 2015, are currently operational in Bhutan.

Bhutan has constructed two national highways, 337 bridges and 409 trail suspension bridges thus creating access to different remote areas of the country. Bhutan Airlines and Druk Airlines connect internationally with India, Thailand and Nepal.

To protect the environment as well as its culture from the outside world Bhutan remained in isolation for a long time.